Doctor Seuss Baby Shower Invitation

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Dr. Seuss is the American people that have an big imaginantion to make an unique and cool cartoon character. And many people like with the character. For that reasons, many people using Dr. Seuss ideas to make an baby shower themes. Here, i will tell you about the invitations.

Dr Seus Baby Shower Invitation 2

It is always a pleasant surprise to see a different envelope in the mailbox. Make your invitation the first one opened. You can purchase ready-made invitations at your local party store or online, or make them yourself.

Trace the shape of the Cat’s Hat onto heavy card stock paper. Color one side with the red and white stripes. Write the details on the opposite side: the 4 W’s = What, Who, When and Where.

Dr Seus Baby Shower Invitation 3

If you have a computer program to make cards the opportunities are endless. Use a picture of the Cat in the Hat or your favorite character and make your own rhyme something like this:

There is going to be a Baby Shower
Please arrive at the designated hour.
With your reply please do not wait;
Don’t even think to hesitate.
Come and see
The new mom to be.
You would not, could not miss
A baby shower as great as this

Dr Seus Baby Shower Invitation

Inside include who the shower is for, the date and time, address and directions, and a phone number or two so guests can RSVP. List the stores where Mom has registered. Be sure to make a note if the shower is a surprise!

That’s easy right! So, lets make your baby shower invitation with Dr.Seuss theme.


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