Diaper Shaped Baby Shower Invitations

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A diaper is the one main things on a baby world. Without this things, how could be your baby. Hehehe.. Maybe you know what I mean, here, I’ll tell you about a baby shower invitations that most popular one. This invitations is the most special one that used by many people. Diaper shaped baby shower invitations. Now let’s see how about the invitations. Here I have some example about it.

Diaper Shaped Baby Shower Invitations

It able for baby boy or baby girl. It just need a color combination. You can use a blue main color for your baby boy and pink main color for your baby girl. Then you also can combine it with a cute design of baby shower. Like animal or cartoon character. Choose the best one for your baby shower invitations.

Diaper Shaped Baby Shower Invitations2

Cutting your baby shower invitations like a diaper shape. First thing you should have the draft of the shape. Cut your baby shower invitations shaped like a diaper. That’s a great invitations for your baby shower party. Pack them on the envelope that have a diaper shape too. You can give many accessories there. Include with a ribbons or the other accessories to give a good appearance. You can design it by yourself or you can get free printable. Then, sent it two week before the party held. Invite your beloved family and friends.

Diaper Shaped Baby Shower Invitations3

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