Cute Joint Birthday Invitation Templates – Editable With MS Word

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Is A Joint Birthday Party A Good Idea?

Of course, and why not? There is nothing wrong with that, I also had done it before though. My oldest son’s birthday is in late June, meanwhile, his younger sister is in mid of July, two weeks separated. It’s definitely do-able, and maybe for some personal reason, like for budget-wise, sure you can host it at the same time. At the end, what do we do is for their happiness, and could you imagine if you got to see two “happiness” at the same time?

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that, both of our kids will know the reason behind it, maybe in the future, and they are still remember it as one of their best day ever. Speaking of Joint Birthday, especially you got two, for boy and girl, I’ve got an idea for that. What if you make your invitation card with these following templates? It’s free and almost 90% of its stuff is editable with Ms. Word.



It features beautiful princess from Disney and cute Toy Story’s characters from Pixar, and also released by Walt Disney Picture. You will get “two” sided invitation card, one side for your little prince and the other one is for you lovely daughter who has a dream to be a Disney princess. Complete with all its stuffs, like the decorations (Blue and Pink Background, Bunting Flags, as well as some adorable illustrations based on its side).








How it Works?

  • Download the template
    1. Click the download button (Above)
    2. Once you landed on G-drive page, click the “blue” download button.
    3. Then tap “Enter” to start.
  • Unpack the file and Install all fonts.
  • Select your template and edit it with Ms. Word.
  • Once you finished, you need to buy some supplies, especially printing paper.
  • You can get card-stock paper as the material, as it’s commonly used for this type of occasions and most people are satisfied with the result and how it feels, as it has good durability and premium finishes.
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