Couples Baby Shower Invitation

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Having celebrating the best moment on y our life is when you’ve become a momy and daddy to-be. This is the moment to showed your baby to everyone. To prepare the party, many kinds that’s you need to prepare it. And the invitation is the one part of the party. The invitation is important to invite the guest to come and joint your party.

Basicly, many kinds of invitation for baby shower. About the theme and design you can match it. Here, i have an ideas for your baby shower invitation. This is a couple design for baby shower invitation. This one invitation match with you a couple that love each other. Mommy and Daddy to-be.

Couples Baby Shower Invitation Simple

This one example baby shower invitation for couple. This design special for you who like with simple design of invitation. It just include the picture caricature of a couple. It’s like hand printing look simple but special. Include the right information below.

Couple Baby Shower Invitation 1

For you who like with little bit elegant design for a couple theme, look this one. This is special designed for you. For your elegant invitation of baby shower. Combine with soft color of design to showed the elegant appearance. Isn’t good right?

Couple Baby Shower Invitation 2

This the last example of couple design. It simple same like the other. Combine with the pink color to showed the lovely party. Showed your new baby to everyone and showed your lovely life for you and your partner of life. 🙂


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