Carnival Themed Birthday Party Invitations

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Be our guest and join us for the enchanted birthday celebration. Hello everyone, if your kid is going to have birthday party, this is the right article for you. I am going to give you carnival themed birthday ideas.


Speaking about carnival we will remember the red and white colour. Use red and white colours for the party. Red is the brave colour and I am sure it will bring some energy to the party. You need to prepare red and white decorations in your home. Don’t forget to prepare red white strips party supplies. Actually you can also use full colour decorations in your party.

You can provide some snacks for the kids like candies, small fruits, dessert, red white/clown cupcakes or even ice cream. Ice cream is the best dessert for summer like this and I believe nobody can resist cool ice cream. For the beverage you can prepare lemonade or syrups for the kids. For the main food you can prepare hot dog or hamburger for the kids.carnival2Don’t forget to prepare some ice breaker games for the kids. You can let the kids play can toss game. It’s a game when you can throw a ball to make the cans fall. If they win you can give them some present.


Lastly, you can prepare some goodie bag as a souvernir for the guest. Make the goodie bag interesting and pretty. You can fill the goodie bag with candies, chocolate, or some merchandise.

That’s all the ideas for carnival themed birthday party. Good luck for your party!


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