Bubble Guppies Birthday Party Invitations


What could be more special? What could be more fun? Than a birthday party. Howdy kids, guess who’s turning nine this February? Right, your best friend Katie will turn nine on this February and we are inviting you to celebrate her special day with us.


The party theme will be about the Bubble Guppies because she really love those mermaids. We will decorate the party with blue ocean wallpaper, sterofoam mermaid, sands on our backyard and etc. You can build small sand castle on our backyard later.

When you come to the party, you can wear mermaid pants with every colour you like. We will provide photobooth so you can take picture together with friends.

As usual, there will be a lot of candies, cupcakes and sweets you can enjoy at the party. We will also prepare barbeque grill with seafood.


We will be play some games to break the ice so everyone can have fun together such as guess the name, two truths and a lie, and making sand castle.

For you guys who love to sing, you can sing a song to entertain everyone. You can also dance or perform a play at the party.


Anyway, the birthday party will be held in Katie’s house on:

Date                            : Saturday, 6 February 2016

Time                           : 12 PM

Address                      : 3041 Hemlock Lane Rio Grande City, New York City 10001

We can’t wait to welcome and see you on our party this Saturday. Come over to swim and dive! See you there and enjoy the party!

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