Black and White Birthday Invitations


No more toys, dolls, and toffee Amy is already grow up. Hey fellas, we are happily inviting you to Amy birthday party. Amy is turning sixteen this July and she loves to celebrate the event with you guys.


Amy is a simple pretty girl who loves black and white fashion. She would really loves it if you dress black and white. The party will be dominated by black and white colours and decorations like balloons, table cloth and wallpaper. Dress black and white and ready to feel like you are in 70s movies.088ea7cfb3f58445753c6bf50b5f1f7dWhen at the party, don’t forget to take a picture with your friends to keep the memory as many as possible then you can upload it on instagram using hashtag #AmyBlack&WhiteWorld.

We will invite “Enchanted Band” as the guest star to entertain everyone and rock our party hard and loud. You can also sing and dance together with the band. I’m sure this will be the night you will never forget.


We will also play some games at the party, so the party don’t get boring. Some games we will play are find your partner, the line up game, where do you stand, and etc.


Anyway, the party will be held in Amy’s house on:

Date                            : Saturday, 9 July 2016

Time                           : 7 PM

Address                      : 4415 Turkey Pen Road Brooklyn, New York 11206

We can’t wait to welcome and see you on our party this Saturday. Your presence is the best present she needed. See you there and enjoy yourself!

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