Arts And Crafts Birthday Party Invitations

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Glitter and pom poms and project to weaves. Hello everyone, are you going to celebrate birthday for your kids? Well this is the right time to read this article then. I will give you some tips about how to make art and crafts birthday party. This party is good to dig some creativity out of your kid.

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Since this is an art and crafts party, you should make your invitations as creative as possible. You can have your kid handprint on each birthday invitations. For your party decorations, you can make it yourself or borrow it from your neighbours. You can also provide face paint for the party guest. I am sure the kids would love to be painted. For your kid birthday cake, you can make it as creative as possible and have many colour in it.

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You should also prepare some ice breaker game like rainbow pasta necklace, friendship pins, and fingerprint art. You can also provide a really big paper then have drawing and colouring activities for everyone.

You can also prepare photo booth for the guest. Ask the kids to take picture alone or with the group. The one who take the best picture will win some prize. When the kids already have face painting, it’s best to have as many pictures to take.

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You can also provide goodie bag for the kids to bring home. I am sure they will really love it.

That’s all for the art and crafts birthday party ideas. Good luck preparing your kid birthday party!



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