Wild One Floral Invitation Templates – Editable With MS Word

There are so many themes you can do with a Wild One-party concept.  We have seen this theme in a jungle party theme, a Boho chic style and there is one left, and that would be our special’s design for this article. This one is good for both boys and girls in various ages. At the end of the article, you also get a couple of tips, which is very helpful to know which items need to be highlighted at your party.

For this Wild One card, we did the theme based around what’s on trending lately, especially in Pinterest. I’m very happy with how everything turned out! And glad I could share it to every one of you through this article.



As shown above and below, you will get Wild One invitation card in such whole new things. It combines beautiful aspect from Floral designs, along with Modern style from the Rose Gold Geometric Frame or Pattern. For the backs, you will get White marble background, and on top of them you will get beautiful sets of Wording. You will get “She’s a wild one” in nice touch of Gold Glitter finished, and the rest will also have that pretty same color.

On each corner of the card, you will be presented with bunch of Flowers, those flowers really boost the artistic of this card. If you think you need more (decorations), you can also add another based on your own personal preferences, it’s editable with Ms. Word, so it’s doable even for beginner.








How to Download

  • Scroll up a bit and you will see the download button, click that and you will get the access to our Google drive where you can download the template.
  • Once you’re on Google drive page, click “Download”, locate where you want the file will be saved, and tap “Enter” to start the download process.

To-do’s lists

  • Install all provided fonts, then open the template you’d like to use with Microsoft Word (2007 or above).
  • Take your time, to avoid any silly mistakes.
  • Get supplies (Printing Paper, Inks, etc.)
  • Print the template on printing paper, it’d be great if you can print it on Card-stock paper.
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