Movie Theater Birthday Party Invitations

The night is young, the lights are hung. Howdy kids, if your kids are going to have birthday party and you are still confused about what to do, you can have it in the movie theater in town.

You can invite your kids friends then rent a movie theater to watch movie together. Write the movie list on your invitations, the movie which have the most vote will be watched on your kids birthday party. After the birthday party, perhaps you can celebrate the birthday party at home or have dinner in a restaurant.

You can provide snacks like candies, small fruits, dessert and especially ice cream so they can enjoy at the party. Don’t forget to prepare the cake because what is a birthday without a cake? You can let the kids play some games to make everyone a little bit sweat guess the name, belly balloon break, or truth or dare. You can also have talent show at the party. If some kids really love to sing and dance, ask them to perform solo or together with their friends. Give them some prize to if they have perform and entertain everyone really well.

Lastly, you can prepare some goodie bag as a souvernir for the guest. Make the goodie bag interesting and pretty. You can fill the goodie bag with candies, chocolate, or some merchandise. This goodie bag is not a must, just a souvernir to remember the party.

That is all for the movie theater birthday ideas. Good luck preparing your party!


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