Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Invitations

Looking for the alternative design of baby shower invitations? Maybe this cool design can you applied to your baby shower party. Yeah! Mickey Mouse design for your baby shower invitations. As we know, Mickey Mouse is the most popular Disney character in the world that liked by the child, young, and almost many adult people. Here, i’ll talking about that. Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Invitations.

I think, this special design is for a baby boy. If you applied to your baby girl, you can used Minnie Mouse design like with the last my post about Minnie Mouse design for baby shower invitations. Ok, let’s see some Mickey mouse design for your baby shower invitations. Maybe theese some design it can be your ideas to make an invitation with Mickey Mouse design.

Simple Mickey Mouse Red Card Baby Shower Invitations. This ideas is simple design that can do it by yourself. It simple and just need a small piece of paper. Cut the paper like this one, design it like the Mickey Mouse Diapers. For the information bellow, you can fill printed it or just write it by yourself. Trust me, it’s more cheap for your invitation budget.

Blue Mickey Mouse design for boy. This one design specially made for the baby boy. It combine with the blue color. Costume with a baby boy. Include with Mickey Mouse below the design. You can order this design on your local baby shop or made it by yourself.

And many more of Mickey mouse design for your baby shower invitations. Complete the design with your creative ideas. And make it look so cool and cute. Then, ready to sent to your beloved people.

Mickey Mouse
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