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Finding a good design for your invitation cards isn’t that easy, right? Beforehand, thank you for coming to this site, where numerous templates for your invitation were providing for nothing, but free.

Okay, today is Wednesday, my favorite day so far, as the weather not so intimidating to my skin. Ha-ha. Anyway, are you looking for a beautiful design or concept for your invitation card? Really? Lucky you, lucky me, I recently had finished this beautiful Magical Butterflies invitation card design and sure, it’s free.

This template was inspired from Painting that hung on the wall, in my living room for so long. I decided to go with those one as today’s design material. What are you gonna tell for this one? It looks great, doesn’t it?. Unlike others, this template is decorated with beautiful and colorful hand-drawn Butterflies, in Watercolor finished. Not only that, you also got more, such as three background designs, Stock White Canvas style background, Paper grain texture and last but not least, the Blue-shaded background. This perfect combination really fits with today’s market, presenting good design, both Minimal and Classy looking stuffs.










How it works?

  • Download the file (Template)
    • Click the download button, above this instructions.
    • Then click download once more and tap Enter to start.
  • Edit the template and insert your party information.

Meanwhile, if you have finished those editing process, it would be better if you browse some information about your invitation card material before you decided to go to stationery shop. Luckily, we have some recommendation for you:

  1. Standard A4 Paper: you can find this one easily, as it’s commonly used for simple both Formal and Non-formal documents.
  2. Cardstock paper: This paper is mostly known to be used for Wedding or such related events. The only minus point for this one is, the price is a little bit expensive compared to the other ones.

Carefully decide which one is the best for you. Please note that, of course you really want every inches of your party to be as flawless as possible, but rather than focused on single thing, you can equally distribute your budget to other stuffs though. If you need the best all-rounder that would be card-stock paper, it’s pretty obvious, by the way.

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