Free Vintage Floral Bouquet Wedding Invitation Templates For Word


Earlier this month, I got an email asking my contact and it was my college friend. She moved to this city a couple months back and desperately looking for my contact, but I glad we are able to find the way to communicate. She has a plan for February next year. It’s when her baby is turning 4 years old. At first, she asked me to create her a beautiful floral themed invitations and she’s willing to pay it, but no-no-no, I won’t accept that.



Creating invitation card and providing it to hundred fans of this site is a part of my hobby. I love the way I could show my creativity and have the freedom to interact with other people through my simple design. Anyway, at that time, my friend asked me to create a floral themed but she changed her mind, and replace it with more cutie themed card. Well, the floral invitation card will be here in seconds, I’m going to share it with you, everyone.

Instead of the common “Floral” themed invitation card design, this stunning template also offers unique way to interact. I put the beautiful watercolor flowers as the background of the card. In addition, as you have noticed it, there are six of them (Design), so you got a plenty of options to decide which one you are going to use.








How to Download

  • Let’s make it short, so you won’t get bored when you read our guides.
  • Click the download button (Above)
  • After you clicked it, your browser will open a new page and once you already on Google drive page, you’re going to see another button with “download” tag on it.
  • Click that button, locate where you want to save it and Enter.
  • Now the download process will be automatically started.

Please note this, you have to unpack the file and open the Fonts folder, and install it. What to do next? Inserting your party information into the template with Microsoft Word, and print it out on 5×7 Card-stock paper.

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