Free Printable Toy Story Invitation Template

Do you like Toy Story movies? Woody, the main character becomes kids’ favorite character in that film. This handsome brave cowboy never gives up to any problems. Thus, his friends is very loyal to him and always beside to him.

Why don’t you choose Toy Story as you upcoming birthday party? Here is a free printable Toy Story invitation template for you. You can see Woody and Buzz are smiling and seem to ask you join the birthday party. This card really help you to prepare the party well. You don’t need to write or design anything. When you got this file, you only need to print and fill in the blank.

This invitation template comes in two formats, the JPEG and PDF. Although both of them give you easy option to print, they have several differences, especially in the result. The JPEG is the best choice for you. It gives you better image than other format. Printing through JPEG is similar to the photos. But, it takes a long time to finish one template.

While you print by PDF, you get standard result of printing. However, PDF can work quickly. You may save time and energy to prepare the other stuff. I recommend you to use a white cardstock paper for more authentic and sturdy result.

This template don’t give sender’s name column. Conversely, it has receiver’s name. Write down your friends’ name, date, time and place. Give your phone number on RSVP column. As we know, RSVP is very important for you who have an upcoming party.

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