Free Printable Tiana Birthday Templates

Hello little princess. Are you going to celebrate your birthday party? Here is the pretty free printable Tiana birthday template. This file are in two formats, JPEG and PDF. Both of them will ease you to print the cards. The birthday card invitation has bright colors and cute little princess wearing yellow-green dress.

You may choose the way you print it out. The first option is using JPEG format. It gives you the most authentic image. Use white cardstock paper to get sturdy card. Whem you print it, please be patient because it takes long time. You will have the best result.

The second option is using PDF. This kind of format offers fast print. You can set the number of cards in one paper. Thus, you have more cards in one time. However, the size of the card will be different, not similar as the original file.

After you finish printing the invitation cards, fulfill the card by writing down the date, time and address. It is possible for you to write your friends’ name. Don’t forget to give your name and age on top area of the card. Use colorful markers to interest your invitation card. You can draw anything or stick any pictures on the card.

Your birthday party will be more fantastic by completing it in princess themed. Napkins, glasses and plates are beautiful in princess themed. Besides, prepare your birthday cake and cupcakes in your birthday party. Ask your friends to wear bandage and dress as all of you celebrating birthday in a pallace. Happy birthday.

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