Free Printable Spa Birthday Party Invitations

No more plastic Barbie, toys, doll house your girl will be growing up. Hey everyone, if you like to celebrate unique birthday party this will be the right article for you. Today, I am going to give you some ideas about girls’ spa birthday party. This party is suitable if you only want to celebrate your birthday party with your best friends.

Before celebrate the birthday party, you should book your favourite place to have spa. You need to prepare how many of your friends will join you on your spa birthday day. You can have two or three hours spa. After that, you can celebrate the birthday party on your home. You have to prepare maybe a little decorations like balloons on your house and birthday cake.

For the party treat, you can prepare some sweets and snacks and of course the main food. You can prepare cupcakes, candies, or ice cream for your desserts. For the main food you can prepare salads, pizza or sandwiches.

You probably also want to have sleepover with your girls. You need to prepare a quite big room to sleep for everyone. Sleepover is the best time because you can chit chat and have a great time.

On your birthday party, you probably also want to prepare some ice breaker game. You can play two truths and a lie or truth or dare. I am sure it will be fun.

That’s all for the spa birthday ideas. Good luck preparing your party!

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