Free Printable Carnival Party Invitation Template

Come one, Come all.

Are you waiting for the most fun party? Come and join Azure’s birthday carnival. It is the best event ever. Going around the countries makes us be better tham before. As usual, we have couple of activities you can enjoy. Get ready to our surprise from now on.

In this eighth birthday, we realize many things happen. To be more thankful, we set this kind of event well. Enjoy the games, prizes and face paintings from us. Only that? Of course no. We give you more and more activities such as singing a song and mini show from the best magician.

The picture above is the example of free printable carnival party invitation template. It comes is two formats, JPEG and PDF. You are free to choose the formats. Both of them give you easiness and best result. However, the JPEG has sharper image than PDF.

Just for you who wants flash speed, the PDF is suitable. You are able to set resize smaller or bigger than the original. It hss 5×7 inches in size. Besides, you also can set the number of cards in a sheet of paper. Later, you need to cut the cards.

After finishing all the cards, fulfill it by writing down the date, time and place. Use colorful markers to make it charming. Don’t forget to give your phone number as a RSVP. It is important to plan the party. Ask your guest to response whether they will come or not.

Cottom candies and popcorns are waiting for you. The festivities cannot start until you arrive.

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