(FREE Printable) – Adorable Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Invitation Templates

The great thing about Minnie Mouse is that it is so easy to find and you can put lot of creativity on it so everyone will be more excited to see the iconic Minnie’s Ears in your party.

This template was inspired from the famous Disney Classic Character of Minnie Mouse, and we’ve rounded them into six different styles. As you might have seen it, comes in pastel colors with adorable Minnie Mouse pose graphics on each sides. We have several characters there background options here, and all of them are matching with Minnie’s dress, from Yellow dress to the alluring red dress. In addition, we also draw a polka-dot patterns to make it more stand out among the crowd guys! What a perfectly well-designed invitations for your special kids.


Write down the party details in a blank space that we have designed for you. Make sure you have include everything, from the name, date, time, and where the party are going to be held. Meanwhile, if you have finished those editing process, it would be better if you browse some information about your invitation card material before you decided to go to stationery shop. Luckily, we have some recommendation for you:

  1. Standard Paper/Text paper, this paper is perfect material for company letterheads.
  2. Card-stock paper. This paper is the most widely known for this type of occasion, this paper doesn’t easily bent and it can be easily found in a verity of textures, decoration and finishes.
  3. Linen paper, relatively cheaper than card-stock paper, but they also have a pretty good quality and textures.

Most people is prefer to use card-stock paper than the other ones, because it way better in many terms, from the durability, and has good value in guest’s prospective.






How To Download

  • Move your mouse pointer underneath each template
  • Click the download button – Locate where the template files are going to be placed in your device.
  • Tap “Enter” and now the download process will begin shortly.
  • Just in case, if the download process is not begin yet – Click the “Click here”.
  • To customize this template, you are gonna need Microsoft Word or Paint.

As a final section, we are going to say thank you for visiting us and we are glad that we can help you with our one-of-a-kind design. Once more! I forgot to mention – choose card-stock paper as your material.

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