Free Elegant Marble Wedding Invitation Templates For Word


How to rock luxury marble pattern to invitation card design?

          If we’re talking about the actual form of marble, is one of the most beautiful materials on earth, topped by diamond and other bling-bling materials. The word “marble” is derived from Ancient Greek, which means “a shining stone”. Do you think it’s good for your party invitation card design? Me? Sure, absolutely! Besides its beautiful and luxurious appearances, it’s perfect to show how much we care about the smallest detail to our invitation card.

          To feature it as the decorative element in your invitations, you need a fabulous concept for that. “Have you gotten one?” if you haven’t found it yet, what if you see take a closer look to this Elegant Marble Wedding invitations. It’s free and editable with Ms. Word.



Choose your favorite marble background and leave a comment through the comment box down below. “Me?”, Mine was the white – gold marble, it looks somehow aesthetic and having luxurious feels to it, perfect for glam-lovers! Aside from that, you also got another decoration or element, such as Metallic Gold text frame, stunning Vintage Script, Floral images and much more.








How to Download

  1. We provide our templates for free, and to support “easy-to-access”, we decided to put all of our templates in Google Drive.
  2. So, click the download button above this instruction, and you will get the access to our Google drive storage.
  3. In that page, click download > locate the folder > Click “Save”, or tap “Enter”, and the download process will be started shortly.

Which one should I buy for the printing paper?  

Actually, it’s all depends on you, how much the production cost you had, what’s the purpose of the use and so on. If you ask me to give my recommendation, I’d easily pick cardstock as my favorite and best printing paper on the market. But it’s my personal opinion and it could be much different to what you expected from this kind of paper.

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