Alice In Wonderland Birthday Invitations


Hello fellas, we are inviting you to celebrate the very  special day of your beloved friend Alice. Alice will turn 10 this April 2016.


We will create Alice in Wonderland vibes on our party. You can wear any kind of costume from Alice in Wonderland to make the party great and more fun.

You will see some decorations and fake statues at out party. You can take pictures with the statues and feel like you are in wonderland. We will also create awesome and fantastic photobooth at the front gate where you can take some photos so you can remember the beautiful time we spend on the party.

We will provide many candy and dessert on our party. I believe you really loves dessert, because who doesn’t? 😉

There will be talent show section on our party. If you are confident enough to perform in our party, you can present performance such as dancing, singing, or even play drama solo or with a group of friends. Alice really loves watching her friends singing and dancing. Everyone will have so much fun in our party.

The birthday party will be held in our house on:

Date                            : Saturday, 2 April 2016

Time                           : 12 PM to 15 PM

Address                      : 3541 Timber Ridge Road Sacramento, South Carolina 95814

alice in wonderland

We can’t wait for bestbbwdatingsite you to come and celebrate the magic with us. Join Alice to enter the Wonderland. Enjoy the unique mad theme in our party and see you there!

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