7+ Hand Painted Watercolor Birthday Invitation Templates

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          Hand painted watercolor? Why do everyone keeps talking about it? What makes it great, especially in these days? A beautiful crafted watercolor painting is unique and has its own character to captivate whoever watch or read it. From painting at Museum to elegant invitation card for your party.  

          What we offer here is something new for us, compared to what we usually did in our design. This template design was clearly depicted a whole new art into birthday stationery. It doesn’t look too plain nor fancy I’d say. In overall, I’d say this collection is great for those who love something “unique” and willing to take risk to feature art to their design. Here is how it looks, and I can guarantee that you will love it.



This template collection was originally intended for one of my friend, actually it was for her own refined wedding. I came up with plenty of designs for her, and left this one untouched. So, I think it’d be great idea to share it with every one of you, so that you can even use it as your kid’s birthday party invitation card.

When we hear anything related to “watercolor”, we can’t ignore how beautiful this particular concept is to work as “base layer”. Thus, I made a couple of different watercolor background design for this card. This templates offers a simple or we might know it as minimalist design. For the main layer, I’ve decorated them with beautiful yet aesthetic Sunflowers, it was placed on top of unique yellowish colored background layer. Besides that, as we can see, I’ve left a pretty large space – so you can write down your party information as detailed as possible.






7+ Hand Painted Watercolor Birthday Invitation Templates




How to Download

Below you will find step-by-step instructions to download and which paper material is suitable for this occasion, follow this steps:

  1. Choose and Pick your desired template
  2. Right click on top of the image and a new page will appear
  3. Click save image as and choose where the template will be saved
  4. Then tap your Enter key or click Save
  5. Printing Paper: Choose between Text, Cardstock or Glossy paper
  6. Standard Print-Sizes is 5x7inches


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