40th Birthday Invitations For Women

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Fourty and faboulous. Celebrating birthday is the most wonderful day of the time. Not everyone lucky enough to celebrate birthday each decade. It feels awesome when you have reach the age when you have done it all. I am going to give you how to prepare fourty birthday for women.

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Don’t be stressed when preparing your party. The most important thing to celebrate fifthies birthday is keep the party simple and memorable. If you want to plan surprise party, first you have to find out, what does the honoree wants and like. When you already know their character and favourite party theme, the birthday party will be easier to plan. Preparing party for women is actually easier than for men. You can also arrange fine dining if you don’t invite too many guests. If you prepare fine dining, make your decoration classic and beautiful.surprise 40_1

You will also need to make some simple ice breaker game to make the party to create laugh and fun vibes. You have to make everyone enjoy the party and laugh a lot. One of the most exciting game is belly balloon break. This is a couple ice breaker game.forty1You should also prepare some food and snack for the party. Consider the neutral food and simple snack, so the honoree and everyone at the party loved it and the food doesn’t waste in vain. You can decorate the food with pink or purple colour or any favourite colour your birthday friend will like.


When celebrate adult birthday, we do not want kids in our adult party. It is okay to tell your guest on your invitation card no children on the party by adding “Adults Only” on the end of your invitation card. Send your birthday invitations three or four weeks  before the party. Don’t forget to add RSVP for the party. Adding RSVP will make the party plan easier because you will know the number of guest.forty2Good luck preparing your party! Let’s dance together!

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