4 Year Old Birthday Invitation Wording


Speaking about birthday, I am sure everyone have celebrated birthday at least once. There are many things we need to pay attention before we celebrating birthday. One of them is to prepare invitation wording for your kids.


You have to decide your party themed first before making invitation card. We have to make the right design for the invitation card and explain clearly the basic so the guest will understand the time, date and places for our birthday party and make no mistake reading it.


Try to match the invitation card design to the party theme. When you already did this, you will know what word to use on your invitation card. For example if the birthday themed is about princess, the wording you can use is: “Attention all princes and princesses, Princess Ana requested for your presence in her castle on….”. For your kids who just turn one you can also use wording like this: “I learned to laugh and squeal, then sit and stand, and I can walk now if you hold my hand. But the fun has only just begun, lookout world, I’m turning one!”


Because this is invitation for kids, you have to include the end time for the birthday party so parents will know when to pick up the kids.

Another option beside invitation card, you can send invitation by email, but you have to make sure the receiver is someone who young enough to know how to use email. J


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