30th Birthday Invitations For Men

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Congratulation now you have reach thirty. The best is yet to come. Celebrating birthday is the most wonderful day of the time especially when you arrange it for your man. I am going to give you some tips about how to prepare thirty birthday for men.
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Let’s calm down when we prepare the birthday party. If you want to plan surprise party, first you have to find out, what does your friend or husband like. When we are about to prepare surprise party, especially for men, keep the party simple. When you already know their character and favourite party theme, the birthday party will be easier to plan. When you prepare birthday party for men, you don’t need too much decoration. You can put old photos of your husband and create “Then and Now” concept. This is good to be a conversation at the party so people will laugh together. Preparing birthday for men is quite easy.30th men1

You should also prepare some food and snack for the party. Don’t prepare a snack with a girly decorations and colours. Some muffin or simple chocolate will good for the party. For the beverage, you can prepare champagne or wine.30th men

Usually, on adult birthday party, we do not want kids in our adult party. It is okay to tell your guest on your invitation card no children on the party by adding “Adults Only” on the end of your invitation card. Don’t forget to add RSVP for the party. Adding RSVP will make the party plan easier because you will know the number of guest.30th men4

Good luck preparing your party!


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