11+ Fun Birthday Invitation Templates For Your Kid’s Upcoming Birthday Party

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Here we are, with another year passed and now we are in May, I think it’s time to put together a fun idea to decorate your party invitation! Whether you’re planning a birthday party for your newborn baby or maybe hosting one for your little boy/girl’s 5th birthday, you’ll want everyone you know and love to gather in the celebration. Am I right? I hope so. Anyway, to garner excitement for your special day and help you create both unique and fun birthday invitation, here is my latest template design for you. For free as always!

Today, I wrote this article in happy state by the way. The sunny day helped me clear all distractions in my mind. Anyway, this cute invitation card was actually requested by one of friend. She is my sister’s close acquaintance; her name is Kyle.

She wanted to had “catchy” looks to her party stationery and the result was quite promising by the way. It has adorable Pink striped background, along with cute Bunting flags and even there is a picture frame in there. There are another cute things that makes today’s template design is perfect for kid’s birthday bash in any ages and I’m assuming it would also be good for you to take it as consideration.

Colorful balloons, a couple of delicious cupcakes, adorable stars and many more. I swear you won’t be getting any clue why all of this could be provided for free. Hahaha.

Download Information

  • Click the download button (Above).
  • It will open Google-Drive’s download page.
  • Then, click download or the drop-down arrow.
  • Tap Enter on your keyboard to start the download process.

What’s next?

  • In order to be able to open the file (JPG), you need one of this apps:
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Microsoft Word
    • Corel Draw
    • Paint
    • Online Image Editor
  • If you done with the customization, print the template on 5×7 Card-stock paper, it’d be better if you pick the matte finish one, as the result will get better than using the glossy type of finishes.
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