Fourth Of July Birthday Invitations

Stars, strips and a lot of fun. Put away all your books, let’s join to celebrate birthday party. We are all have celebrate our birthday party at least once in our lives. If your kids birthday is on fourth july, it is a good chance to have fourth july themed birthday party.


You can prepare red, white and blue balloons and ribbons for the party decorations. You can ask your kids to help with the party. You can also look at the internet some dips that suits for your fourth July party. White chocolate with red sprinkles is good for the snack. You should provide candies, red white cupcakes, and other dessert for everyone. You can rent cotton candy machine so the kids can make cotton candy for themselves.


Try to match the invitation card design to the party theme. Make sure you use red white blue colours like America flag on your invitation. When matching the design to the party theme you will also bring the party spirit to the guest and make them more excited. On your invitation card, especially kids, you have to include the end time for the birthday party, so everyone who doesn’t drive to the place will know when to pick up your guest.

You can also prepare some souvernir or goodie bag for everyone to bring home as memorable present. You can prepare a flag t shirt for everyone.


That’s all for the tips for fourth july party. Good luck preparing your birthday party!



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This free printable invitation help people to find and search about 4st birthday invitation card design,

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